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Weight Management Program

Isn’t it time you kicked your weight problems out of your life? You deserve to feel good, look good, and have excellent health just like everyone else. Call us today at (520) 885-2822 to get started on the new you!.

The HCG Diet

Losing weight with the HCG diet has been found to be one of the quickest ways to lose weight without sacrificing your health or metabolism. Some people lose 3-5 pounds per week and even more. Imagine weighing 15 pounds less a month from now!

Contemporary medicine has worked diligently to find pathways and treatments to relieve or reduce the physical pain experienced by people, young and old alike, suffering from countless diseases and disorders. Tremendous advances have been made in pain management, especially the area of pharmaceuticals. However, insufficient attention has been paid to addressing the emotional and spiritual needs that commonly co-exist in patients with physical pain. In fact, the idea of performing a spiritual assessment often makes nurses and physicians feel uneasy (Hill, et al., 2000).

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Local Healthcare Staffing

We specialize in the full time, part time, and Locum Tenens. At Local Healthcare Staffing we recruit qualified, dedicated and motivated medical staff for all specialties and modalities. Our Clients range from large to small specialist clinics to large hospitals and medical facilities.