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Isn’t it time you kicked your weight problems out of your life? You deserve to feel good, look good, and have excellent health just like everyone else. Call us today at (520) 885-2822 to get started on the new you!


We at Med Clinics will help you feel better, look better and live  longer all while improving your quality of LIFE.  The medical aesthetics procedures are performed by our experienced and certified medical staff to help you look your best. We can Reduce wrinkles, Restore volume…Rejuvenate your look…not change who you look like. You will look like You just 5 -10 years younger!  images

At Med Clinics we offer safe and effective procedures including:

  1. Botox / Dysport (for dynamic wrinkles
  2. Fillers (Juvederm Ultra and UltraPlus, Restylane and Perlane)
  3. Mesotherapy (Skin Tightening, and Localized Fat Reduction)
  4. Microdermabrasion
  5. Scar Reduction

All the above mentioned procedures can be performed a la carte… However our experts in cosmetic rejuvenation can also consult you on how combining therapies can help you achieve more effective and natural looking results.

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